Minga is the concept that indígena community use to gather with a common goal; To confront government’s decisions and procedures.

Around the world different communities have gathered together in order to stand up for their rights and claim for justice or any other social action. If we check the recent history in our continent we can find social movements similar to the Minga Indígena.

Minga Indígena
Deep memory of a lost world.

Protect Mauna Kea

This project arouse in Hawaii in 2019. Its name comes from the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak which is located on the North American Island. This mountain is a sacred spot for native Hawaiians and is the zenith of their ancestral ties to creation.

During last years, the governor of this place gave permission to build what would be the world’s largest telescope costing $1.4 million US dollars, on top of Mauna Kea. In protest, Hawaiians got together and blocked the road to the mountain in July 2019.

This kind of social activism, made indigenous rights to stand in front of an old fashion notion of progress, same as social struggle lived over the Pinnacle and the cockpit mountains in Jamaica.


Minga Indígena
Wynwood walls

Is the concept that Indigenous communities use in Colombia, to get together with one common objective in mind. Since couple of years, this objective has been to look for answers from government. For doing this, specific groups called «Cabildos» make and open call up which is coordinated at a regional level and takes decisions collectively.

Right now the Minga Indígena is heading to Colombia’s capital to confront president Ivan Duque. About 10 thousand people among Indigenous, farmers, and afro community are walking Colombian roads to claim for a stop on slaughters held along national territory.

What is the minga looking for ?

Minga Indígena

Since its beginning, Indigenous community have claimed that this minga is a political issue. Before, the minga was claiming for more investment and nature rights but this time the demands have political characteristics:

  • To guarantee the right to live
  • Respect to territory
  • Compliance and implementation of peace agreement
  • Peace talks with ELN (Guerrilla group)

Info taken from portal la silla vacia

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