SpringBeast is the biggest outdoor exhibition of street art in Europe. More than 4500 m2 of graffiti culture transformed Stockholm.

Sweden’s capital is known for being a classic, elegant and civilized city. It’s gothic style architecture is unique. This is the headquarter for the literature’s Nobel prize, but besides the intellectual level, Stockholm host a rich but underground Swedish graffiti culture.

Stockholm graffiti Culture
Hippster neighborhood in Downtonw, Stockholm

This hidden side of graffiti culture in Stockholm is very inspired by street art scene in different parts of the world but is not visible like in New York or Miami and the reason is the legal process between local government and community.

In 2007, a zero-tolerance policy was passed in city hall, criminalizing all forms of graffiti and murals. As well a “24 hour policy” has been implemented for removing graffiti. People caught doing graffiti or other forms of vandalism face fines and possible imprisonment of up to one year.

So, where In Stockholm can be found the graffiti culture ?

For doing that, you need to walk or ride away from downtown. By foot just 30 minutes or if you decide to ride a bike the trip will be much better and faster. Leaving behind the buildings and tourists the road will lead you to the suburb of Rågsved, a forgotten and run-down industrial area in southern Stockholm.

This area was transformed in 2014 when the landowners gave permission for the old and colorless walls to be painted over by graffiti artists. This is how Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame became one of Europe´s largest graffiti exhibitions.

If you are just a passing interest or a passionate in street art, this open-air (and all year round) exhibition is going to blow your mind up. Both Swedish and international artists bring their signature style each year, and there’s also an open wall where anyone who respects the rules is welcome to showcase their artistry.

Spring beast Festival

Stockholm Graffiti Culture
📷 more pics @journalsbybike

Given the importance of this spot for Graffiti Culture, since 2015 There’s an annual festival Spring Beast one of the biggest aroud the world.

Taking advantage of my trip on the Baltics and with my camera on hand, last year I could witness the beauty of this festival and capture Swedish graffiti on its pure form. Something amazing about this graffitour is that is open for everybody, its free and there is no restriction of gender, age or social status. kind of democratic art where everybody is welcome.

The main objective of this space is to connect people with the context and with different perceptions about art and culture.

This is a transmedia project, so if you want to listen more about Stockholm, graffiti and bicycles, tune in the podcast Roots & Culture

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